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Workshop: Workshop on Distribution Shifts: Connecting Methods and Applications

Diversity Boosted Learning for Domain Generalization with A Large Number of Domains

XI LENG · Yatao Bian · Xiaoying Tang

Abstract: Machine learning algorithms minimizing the average training loss typically suffer from poor generalization performance. It inspires various works for domain generalization (DG), among which a series of methods work by $O(n^2)$ pairwise domain operations with n domains, where each one is often costly. Moreover, while a common objective in the DG literature is to learn invariant representations against spurious correlations induced by domains, we point out the insufficiency of it and highlight the importance of alleviating spurious correlations caused by objects. Based on the observation that diversity helps mitigate spurious correlations, we propose a Diversity boosted twO-level saMplIng framework (DOMI) to efficiently sample the most informative ones among a large number of domains and data points. We show that DOMI helps train robust models against spurious correlations from both domain-side and object-side, substantially enhancing the performance of five backbone DG algorithms on Rotated MNIST and Rotated Fashion MNIST.

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