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Workshop: Workshop on Distribution Shifts: Connecting Methods and Applications

Robustmix: Improving Robustness by Regularizing the Frequency Bias of Deep Nets

JONAS NGNAWE · Marianne ABEMGNIGNI NJIFON · Jonathan Heek · Yann Dauphin


Deep networks have achieved impressive results on a range of well curated benchmark datasets. Surprisingly, their performance remains sensitive to perturbations that have little effect on human performance. In this work, we propose a novel extension of Mixup called Robustmix that regularizes networks to classify based on lower frequency spatial features. We show that this type of regularization improves robustness on a range of benchmarks such as Imagenet-C and Stylized Imagenet. It adds little computational overhead and furthermore does not require a priori knowledge of a large set of image transformations. We find that this approach further complements recent advances in model architecture and data augmentation attaining a state-of-the-art mCE of 44.8 with an EfficientNet-B8 model and RandAugment, which is a reduction of 16 mCE compared to the baseline.

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