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Contributed Talk
Workshop: InterNLP: Workshop on Interactive Learning for Natural Language Processing

WebShop: Towards Scalable Real-World Web Interaction with Grounded Language Agents

Shunyu Yao


Existing benchmarks for grounding language in interactive environments either lack real-world linguistic elements, or prove difficult to scale up due to substantial human involvement in the collection of data or feedback signals. To bridge this gap, we develop WebShop – a simulated e-commerce website environment with 1.18 million real-world products and 12, 087 crowd-sourced text instructions. Given a text instruction specifying a product requirement, an agent needs to navigate multiple types of webpages and issue diverse actions to find, customize, and purchase an item. WebShop provides several challenges for language grounding including understanding compositional instructions, query (re-)formulation, comprehending and acting on noisy text in webpages, and performing strategic exploration.

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