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Workshop: Second Workshop on Efficient Natural Language and Speech Processing (ENLSP-II)

Attribute Controlled Dialogue Prompting

Runcheng Liu · Ahmad Rashid · Ivan Kobyzev · Mehdi Rezaghoizadeh · Pascal Poupart

Keywords: [ ENLSP-Main ]


Prompt-tuning has become an increasingly popular parameter-efficient method for steering large pretrained language models to downstream tasks. However, both discrete prompting and continuous prompting assume fixed prompts for all data samples within a task, neglecting the fact that inputs vary greatly in some tasks such as open-domain dialogue generation. In this paper, we present a novel, instance-specific prompt-tuning algorithm for dialogue generation. Specifically, we generate prompts based on instance-level control code, rather than the conversation history, to explore their impact on controlled dialogue generation. Experiments on popular open-domain dialogue datasets, evaluated on both automated metrics and human evaluation, demonstrate that our method is superior to prompting baselines and comparable to fine-tuning with only 5%-6% of total parameters.

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