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Workshop: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences

One-shot learning for solution operators of partial differential equations

Lu Lu · Anran Jiao · Jay Pathak · Rishikesh Ranade · Haiyang He


Discovering governing equations of a physical system, represented by partial differential equations (PDEs), from data is a central challenge in a variety of areas of science and engineering. Current methods require either some prior knowledge (e.g., candidate PDE terms) to discover the PDE form, or a large dataset to learn a surrogate model of the PDE solution operator. Here, we propose the first solution operator learning method that only needs one PDE solution, i.e., one-shot learning. We first decompose the entire computational domain into small domains, where we learn a local solution operator, and then we find the coupled solution via either mesh-based fixed-point iteration or meshfree local-solution-operator informed neural networks. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method on different PDEs, and our method exhibits a strong generalization property.

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