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Workshop: Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

PORTAGING (live AI Performance)

Kory Mathewson · Piotr Mirowski · Hannah Johnston · Tom White · Jason Baldridge


Portaging is a mode of transportation. It involves carrying a watercraft over land between lakes and rivers. Portaging requires humans working together with artificial tools they have created and natural elements of land, water, and wind.

In PORTAGING we explore the use of artificial intelligence to move beyond the boundaries of a single human's creativity into a collective co-creativity, augmented and uplifted by machine learning.

Join us on the discord #performance channel for an hour of live visual AI storytelling by humans, the story telling AI Dramatron, and several Image Generator AIs (StableDiffusion, Imagen/Parti, and more), and yourself through audience participation reactions on image alternatives which influence the direction of the story.

Chat is not available.