Roundtable Chatroom

Beverly Chen · Ronald Clark · Daniel Lenton · Shuyu Lin


Roundtable Chatroom is a community that fosters communication and sharing of great ideas dedicated to AI and ML practitioners. Our main event is inspired by the roundtable chats back in the physical conference era, where participants discuss a topic for some time before moving on to the next one.

Constrained by the pandemic, we will be using virtual breakout rooms (e.g Zoom) to simulate the ‘roundtables’. To ensure the quality and experience of our discussions, we have invited ‘mentors’ who are passionate about the topic with profound knowledge in their field to lead each breakout room.

The topics we will discuss at NeurIPS 2021 include: The next big thing in AI AI in finance How to develop a research idea? Do we publish too much?

Check out our previous event at ICLR 2021 A list of mentors will be finalized soon on the homepage.

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