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Discussion panel
Workshop: Out-of-distribution generalization and adaptation in natural and artificial intelligence

Compositional with Kevin Ellis, Judith Fan, Brenden Lake, Josh Tenenbaum

Kevin Ellis · Judith Fan · Brenden Lake · Josh Tenenbaum · Zenna Tavares


Panelists: Judith Fan, Kevin Ellis, Brenden Lake, Josh Tenenbaum

Moderator: Zenna Tavares


  • How has understanding of compositionality today has changed relative to more classical theories? Given what we know today in the field of cognitive science and AI, how should we update our understanding of what compositionality means?
  • Is compositionality something of the world that we're trying to extract or is it in our minds that we're trying to impose onto the world?
  • Who or what is compositionality for?
  • How are abstraction and compositionality related?
  • What should we be thinking about with respect to compositionality as we go into the future?

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