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Affinity Workshop: Queer in AI Workshop 1

Telling Stories of Transitions

Mariah A. Knowles


I will present work previously accepted at IQCE 2021, which built on a presentation given at Trans Math Day 2020. In this work, I used mixed methods to model my first year on feminizing hormone replacement therapy. I draw heavily on Quantitative Ethnography, Analytic Autoethnography, and use a desire-based framework. Key to this work was relating (a) "time" as a thing experienced nonlinearly during a life transition and (b) other qualitative variables. The result is a confident telling of my first year of HRT, organized around a critical event that had a structural effect on the data: my doctor moving me to a three month dose so I could visit the pharmacist less often, in turn being able to live my damn life, escape unhealthy cycles of behavior, and finally start making progress towards my transition goals.

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