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Workshop: Data Centric AI

Fix your Model by Fixing your Datasets


The quality of underlying training data is very crucial for building performant machine learning models with wider generalizabilty. However, current machine learning (ML) tools lack streamlined processes for improving the data quality. So, getting data quality insights and iteratively pruning the errors to obtain a dataset which is most representative of downstream use cases is still an ad-hoc manual process. Our work addresses this data tooling gap, required to build improved ML workflows purely through data-centric techniques. More specifically, we introduce a systematic framework for finding noisy or mislabelled samples in the dataset and, identifying the most informative samples, which when included in training would provide maximal model performance lift. We demonstrate the efficacy of our framework on public as well as private enterprise datasets of two Fortune 500 companies, and are confident this work will form the basis for ML teams to perform more intelligent data discovery and pruning.