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Workshop: Math AI for Education (MATHAI4ED): Bridging the Gap Between Research and Smart Education

An Empirical Study of Finding Similar Exercises

Tongwen Huang · Li Xihua · Tongwen Huang

Abstract: Education artificial intelligence aims to profit tasks in the education domain such as intelligent test paper generation and consolidation exercises where the main technique behind is how to match the exercises, known as the finding similar exercises(FSE) problem. Most of these approaches emphasized their model abilities to represent the exercise, unfortunately there are still many challenges such as the scarcity of data, un-sufficient understanding of exercises and high label noises. We release a Chinese education pre-trained language model BERT$_{Edu}$ for the label-scarce dataset and introduce the exercise normalization to overcome the diversity of mathematical formulas and terms in exercise. We discover new auxiliary tasks in an innovative way depends on problem-solving ideas and propose a very effective MoE enhanced multi-task model for FSE task to attain better understanding of exercises. In addition, confidence learning was utilized to prune train-set and overcome high noises in labeling data. Experiments show that these methods proposed in this paper are very effective.