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Paper Oral
Workshop: Machine Learning for Creativity and Design

StyleCLIPDraw: Coupling Content and Style in Text-to-Drawing Synthesis

Peter Schaldenbrand · Jean Oh · Zhixuan Liu


Generating images that fit a given text description using machine learning has improved greatly with the release of technologies such as the CLIP image-text encoder model; however, current methods lack artistic control of the style of image to be generated. We introduce StyleCLIPDraw which adds a style loss to the CLIPDraw text-to-drawing synthesis model to allow artistic control of the synthesized drawings in addition to control of the content via text. Whereas performing decoupled style transfer on a generated image only affects the texture, our proposed coupled approach is able to capture a style in both texture and shape, suggesting that the style of the drawing is coupled with the drawing process itself. More results and our code are available at