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Poster Session
Workshop: Math AI for Education (MATHAI4ED): Bridging the Gap Between Research and Smart Education

Poster Session 1

Jiaqi Chen · Tanglin Xia · Sean Welleck · Jiacheng Liu · Ran Gong · Shifeng Huang · Wei Yu · Tracy Jia Shen


Please join us in GatherTown for our poster session. The posters are as follows:

33833 Geometric Question Answering Towards Multimodal Numerical Reasoning

33832 Towards Diagram Understanding and Cognitive Reasoning in Icon Question Answering

33830 Towards Grounded Natural Language Proof Generation

33828 Theorem-Aware Geometry Problem Solving with Symbolic Reasoning and Theorem Prediction

33827 REAL2: An end-to-end memory-augmented solver for math word problems

33826 GeoRE: A Relation Extraction Dataset for Chinese Geometry Problems

33823 MathBERT: A Pre-trained Language Model for General NLP Tasks in Mathematics Education