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Protopia AI: Taking on the Missing Link in AI Privacy and Data Protection

Byung Hoon Ahn · DoangJoo Synn · Masih Derkani · Eiman Ebrahimi · Hadi Esmaeilzadeh


Protopia AI offers an exclusive solution for an overlooked challenge, inference privacy and data protection to enable inter- and intra-enterprise data sharing and securing inference services against data leaks.

Data used in inference services contains a staggering amount of privileged and private information across many industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, voice assistants, smart speakers, surveillance systems, and others. The interwoven mix of data poses significant risks for businesses and their customers. While data is protected at rest and in motion through encryption, it will be exposed during inference as that data needs to be processed in an un-encrypted fashion.

Protopia AI addresses this structural gap in inference privacy using a novel obfuscation technology, which leverages gradient mechanisms to find stochastic data transformations that obfuscate the data while also keeping the inference service highly performant.

This solution for Confidential Inference–demoed here–is part of Protopia AI’s suite of AI data and model transformations. These transformations protect access to the data and integrity of the AI models in an automated fashion. Protopia’s solutions reduce restrictions facing data sharing for AI, enhance data security and privacy for AI and help identify vulnerabilities to adversarial attacks, as well as protect models from inversion attacks.

Protopia AI’s solutions significantly shrink the attack surface at the data level before compute starts. As such, Protopia accelerates the deployment process of AI, minimizes exposure to leakage of sensitive data and models, and prevents unintended inferences.