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Invited Talk
Workshop: Cooperative AI

Invited Talk: Dorsa Sadigh (Stanford University) on The Role of Conventions in Adaptive Human-AI Interaction

Dorsa Sadigh


Today I will be talking about the role of conventions in human-AI collaboration. Conventions are norms/equilibria we build through repeated interactions with each other. The idea of conventions has been well-studied in linguistics. We will start the talk by discussing the notion of linguistic conventions, and how we can build AI agents that can effectively build these conventions. We then extend the idea of linguistic conventions to conventions through actions. We discuss a modular approach to separate partner-specific conventions and rule-dependent representations. We then discuss how this can be done effectively when working with partners whose actions are high dimensional. Finally we extend the notion of conventions to larger scale systems beyond dyadic interactions. Specifically, we discuss what conventions/equilibria emerge in mixed-autonomy traffic networks and how that can be leveraged for better dynamic routing of vehicles.