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Orals and spotlights
Workshop: OPT 2021: Optimization for Machine Learning

Contributed Talks in Session 2 (Zoom)

Courtney Paquette · Chris Junchi Li · Jeffery Kline · Junhyung Lyle Kim · Pascal Esser


Oral (10 min)

  • On the convergence of stochastic extragradient for bilinear games using restarted iteration averaging, Junchi Li

Spotlights (5 min)

  • Farkas' Theorem of the Alternative for Prior Knowledge in Deep Networks, Jeffery Kline
  • Acceleration and Stability of the Stochastic Proximal Point Algorithm, Lyle Kim
  • Towards Modeling and Resolving Singular Parameter Spaces using Stratifolds, Pascal Esser

There will be a Q&A in the last 5 minutes for all speakers. Abstracts for the talks are below the schedule.