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Workshop: Competition Track Day 1

Reconnaissance Blind Chess competition

Ashley Llorens · Ryan Gardner · Gino Perrotta · Timothy Highley · Gregory Clark · Robert Perrotta · William Bernardoni · Mark Jordan · I-Jeng Wang · Xue Bin Peng

  • Chair: I-Jeng Wang
  • Competition and Game Overview (Ashley Llorens)
  • Challenges of the Game (Ryan Gardner)
  • Competition Results (Casey Richardson)
  • Overview of the StrangeFish Bot (Gino Perrotta and Robert Perrotta)
  • Overview of the LaSalle Bot (T.J. Highley)
  • Overview of the penumbra Bot (Gregory Clark)
  • Overview of the wbernar5 Bot (William Bernardoni)
  • Overview of the MBot Bot (Mark Jordan)

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