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Hotels - Vancouver 2019

NeurIPS has contracted guest rooms at Conference pricing at the Hotels listed on the link below. Reserve your accommodations early for the best chance of getting your first choice. We urge you to please make your reservations at only one of the designated NeurIPS Hotels and only through the links below as they count towards the conference’s commitment to the City.

Making your reservations through only these links and by staying at these official conference hotels helps us to keep costs low and protect NeurIPS. If NeurIPS does not achieve a minimum number of overnight accommodations, the price of services will increase all costs for future programs.

Click Here - For Hotel Availability and Booking your reservation

Changes and cancellations will continue to be made by the Federal Conference Housing Bureau until December 2, 2019. After that date, all reservation changes can be made by contacting the hotel directly.

Thank you for your consideration.
Contact: Federal Conference
3912 Lansing Court, Dumfries, VA, 22193 (866-311-8809 Ext3)