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Showing versus doing: Teaching by demonstration

Mark Ho · Michael Littman · James MacGlashan · Fiery Cushman · Joe Austerweil · Joseph L Austerweil

Area 5+6+7+8 #198

Keywords: [ (Other) Cognitive Science ] [ (Cognitive/Neuroscience) Reinforcement Learning ]


People often learn from others' demonstrations, and classic inverse reinforcement learning (IRL) algorithms have brought us closer to realizing this capacity in machines. In contrast, teaching by demonstration has been less well studied computationally. Here, we develop a novel Bayesian model for teaching by demonstration. Stark differences arise when demonstrators are intentionally teaching a task versus simply performing a task. In two experiments, we show that human participants systematically modify their teaching behavior consistent with the predictions of our model. Further, we show that even standard IRL algorithms benefit when learning from behaviors that are intentionally pedagogical. We conclude by discussing IRL algorithms that can take advantage of intentional pedagogy.

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