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NIPS 2016 Call For Demonstrations

The Neural Information Processing Systems Conference 2016 has a Demonstration Track running in parallel with some of the evening Poster Sessions, December 6-7, 2016, in Barcelona, Spain. There will be a NIPS award given for Outstanding Demonstration.

Demonstration Proposal Deadline:
Tue Dec 20, 2016 00:59 AM UTC.  Date not found: DemonstrationApplicationDeadline

Demonstrations offer a unique opportunity to showcase:

  • Interactive Models
  • Learning from demonstration
  • Realtime visualization of learning models
  • Hardware technology
  • Biologically-inspired learning models
  • Robotics

or other systems, which are relevant to the technical areas covered by NIPS (see Call for Papers

Demonstrations must show novel technology and must be run live, preferably with some interactive parts. Unlike poster presentations or slide shows, live action and interaction with the audience are critical elements.


Submission of demo proposals at the following URL

You will be asked to fill a questionnaire and submit an abstract which describes:

  • the technology demonstrated
  • the elements of novelty
  • the live action part
  • the interactive part
  • the equipment brought by the demonstrator
  • the equipment required at the place of the demo

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be refereed on the basis of technical quality, novelty, live action, and potential for interaction.

Demonstration chair: Raia Hadsell