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Fast recovery from a union of subspaces

Chinmay Hegde · Piotr Indyk · Ludwig Schmidt

Area 5+6+7+8 #124

Keywords: [ Sparsity and Feature Selection ] [ (Other) Regression ] [ (Other) Optimization ] [ Learning Theory ]


We address the problem of recovering a high-dimensional but structured vector from linear observations in a general setting where the vector can come from an arbitrary union of subspaces. This setup includes well-studied problems such as compressive sensing and low-rank matrix recovery. We show how to design more efficient algorithms for the union-of subspace recovery problem by using approximate projections. Instantiating our general framework for the low-rank matrix recovery problem gives the fastest provable running time for an algorithm with optimal sample complexity. Moreover, we give fast approximate projections for 2D histograms, another well-studied low-dimensional model of data. We complement our theoretical results with experiments demonstrating that our framework also leads to improved time and sample complexity empirically.

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