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Stochastic Multiple Choice Learning for Training Diverse Deep Ensembles

Stefan Lee · Senthil Purushwalkam · Michael Cogswell · Viresh Ranjan · David Crandall · Dhruv Batra

Area 5+6+7+8 #130

Keywords: [ (Application) Natural Language and Text Processing ] [ Ensemble Methods and Boosting ] [ Structured Prediction ] [ (Application) Computer Vision ] [ Deep Learning or Neural Networks ]


Many practical perception systems exist within larger processes which often include interactions with users or additional components that are capable of evaluating the quality of predicted solutions. In these contexts, it is beneficial to provide these oracle mechanisms with multiple highly likely hypotheses rather than a single prediction. In this work, we pose the task of producing multiple outputs as a learning problem over an ensemble of deep networks -- introducing a novel stochastic gradient descent based approach to minimize the loss with respect to an oracle. Our method is simple to implement, agnostic to both architecture and loss function, and parameter-free. Our approach achieves lower oracle error compared to existing methods on a wide range of tasks and deep architectures. We also show qualitatively that solutions produced from our approach often provide interpretable representations of task ambiguity.

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