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Budgeted stream-based active learning via adaptive submodular maximization

Kaito Fujii · Hisashi Kashima

Area 5+6+7+8 #58

Keywords: [ Active Learning ] [ Game Theory and Econometrics ] [ Combinatorial Optimization ]


Active learning enables us to reduce the annotation cost by adaptively selecting unlabeled instances to be labeled. For pool-based active learning, several effective methods with theoretical guarantees have been developed through maximizing some utility function satisfying adaptive submodularity. In contrast, there have been few methods for stream-based active learning based on adaptive submodularity. In this paper, we propose a new class of utility functions, policy-adaptive submodular functions, and prove this class includes many existing adaptive submodular functions appearing in real world problems. We provide a general framework based on policy-adaptive submodularity that makes it possible to convert existing pool-based methods to stream-based methods and give theoretical guarantees on their performance. In addition we empirically demonstrate their effectiveness comparing with existing heuristics on common benchmark datasets.

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