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Learning Kernels with Random Features

Aman Sinha · John Duchi

Area 5+6+7+8 #119

Keywords: [ Sparsity and Feature Selection ] [ (Other) Optimization ] [ (Other) Classification ] [ Kernel Methods ]


Randomized features provide a computationally efficient way to approximate kernel machines in machine learning tasks. However, such methods require a user-defined kernel as input. We extend the randomized-feature approach to the task of learning a kernel (via its associated random features). Specifically, we present an efficient optimization problem that learns a kernel in a supervised manner. We prove the consistency of the estimated kernel as well as generalization bounds for the class of estimators induced by the optimized kernel, and we experimentally evaluate our technique on several datasets. Our approach is efficient and highly scalable, and we attain competitive results with a fraction of the training cost of other techniques.

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