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Mon Dec 13 07:00 AM -- 05:00 PM (PST)
Human Centered AI
Michael Muller · Plamen P Angelov · Shion Guha · Marina Kogan · Gina Neff · Nuria Oliver · Manuel Rodriguez · Adrian Weller

Human-Centered AI (HCAI) is an emerging discipline that aims to create AI systems that amplify [46,45] and augment [47] human abilities and preserve human control in order to make AI partnerships more productive, enjoyable, and fair [19]. Our workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from the NeurIPS and HCI communities and others with convergent interests in HCAI.With an emphasis on diversity and discussion, we will explore research questions that stem from the increasingly wide-spread usage of machine learning algorithms across all areas of society, with a specific focus on understanding both technical and design requirements for HCAI systems, as well as how to evaluate the efficacy and effects of HCAI systems

Welcome, introductions of 40 people, plan for the day (Discussion)
Keynote:: Cynthia Rudin (Keynote)
Discussion of keynote (Discussion)
XAI:: From Human Centered to Interactionist Artificial Intelligence (Panel Speaker)
XAI:: Explainability Pitfalls: Beyond Dark Patterns in Explainable AI (Panel Speaker)
XAI:: Beware of the Ostrich Policy: End-Users’ Perceptions Towards Data Transparency and Control (Panel Speaker)
XAI:: Expose Uncertainty, Instill Distrust, Avoid Explanations: Towards Ethical Guidelines for AI (Panel Speaker)
Discussion of panel (Discussion)
Keynote:: Barbara Poblete (Keynote)
Discussion of keynote (Discussion)
Methods:: Human-AI Collaboration for Experimental Design (Panel Speaker)
Methods:: How Can Human-Centered Design Shape Data-Centric AI? (Panel Speaker)
Methods:: Stakeholder Participation in AI: Beyond “Add Diverse Stakeholders and Stir” (Panel Speaker)
Methods:: Human-centered Evaluation of Dynamic Content (Panel Speaker)
Discussion of panel (Discussion)
Meal (Break)
Keynote:: Wendy Mackay (Keynote)
Discussion of keynote (Discussion)
H+AI:: Modeling Complementarity in Human-AI Collaboration (Panel Speaker)
H+AI:: Knowledge Imbalance in AI-Assisted Decision-Making: Collaborating with Non-experts (Panel Speaker)
H+AI:: Developing Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence through cognitive engineering (Panel Speaker)
H+AI:: Exploring the Dark Side of Human-AI Interaction (Panel Speaker)
Discussion of panel (Discussion)
Keynote:: Cecilia Aragon (Keynote)
Discussion of keynote (Discussion)
Ethics: Can Machine Learning be Moral? (Panel Speaker)
Ethics:: Supporting human flourishing by ensuring human involvement in AI systems (Panel Speaker)
Ethics:: Improving Ethical Outcomes with Machine-in-the-Loop: Broadening Human Understanding of Data Annotations (Panel Speaker)
Ethics:: The Equity Framework (Panel Speaker)
Discussion of panel (Discussion)
Fairness:: Individuality in Human-Centered AI (Panel Speaker)
Fairness:: Assessing Fairness in Practice: AI Teams’ Processes, Challenges, and Needs for Support (Panel Speaker)
Fairness:: P4AI: Approaching AI Ethics through Principlism (Panel Speaker)
Fairness:: Fairness in Practice: Exploring How Machine Learning Practitioners (Try To) Use Fairness Toolkits (Panel Speaker)
Discussion of panel (Discussion)
Meal (Break)
Methods:: Considerations for Collaborative Human-AI Decision-Making in Engineering Design (Poster)
H+AI:: Human-Centered AI: The Case of Machine Translation for Cross-Lingual Teamwork (Poster)
H+AI:: Improving mathematical questioning in teacher training (Poster)
XAI:: How Does Netflix “Understand” Me?: Exploring End-user Needs to Design Human-centered Explanations (Poster)
XAI:: Dr Bots: The impact of explanation types on layperson trust in AI-driven symptom checkers (Poster)
Methods:: Bringing “conscious” access to micro-credit by enhancing non-traditional financial practices with AI in the Global South (Poster)
Methods:: How Mock Model Training Enhances User Perceptions of AI Systems (Poster)
H+AI:: The Key to an Effective AI-Powered Digital Pathology Establishing a Symbiotic Workflow between Pathologists and Machine (Poster)
H+AI:: Interpreting Voice Assistant Interaction Quality From Unprompted User Feedback (Poster)
Ethics:: From Convolutions towards Spikes: The Environmental Metric that the Community currently Misses (Poster)
Methods:: Understanding Human-like Behavior in Video Game Navigation (Poster)
XAI:: Case Study on Two XAI Cultures: Non-technical Explanations in Deployed AI System (Poster)
Methods:: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Understanding Active Learning (Poster)
Methods:: Improving Human Decision-Making with Machine Learning (Poster)
Methods:: Taglab: An human-centric AI system for interactive semantic segmentation (Poster)
H+AI:: Personalized musically induced emotions of not-so-popular Colombian music (Poster)
Ethics:: Addressing Privacy Threats from Machine Learning (Poster)
Methods:: Qualitative Analysis for Human Centered AI (Poster)
H+AI:: Switchboard: Automated News Q&A With an Editor in the Loop (Poster)
XAI:: On the transferability of insights from the psychology explanation to explainable AI (Poster)
Discussion, Next steps, Conclusion, End (Discussion)