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Tue Dec 14 05:20 AM -- 02:00 PM (PST)
Medical Imaging meets NeurIPS
DOU QI · Marleen de Bruijne · Ben Glocker · Aasa Feragen · Herve Lombaert · Ipek Oguz · Jonas Teuwen · Islem Rekik · Darko Stern · Xiaoxiao Li

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“Medical Imaging meets NeurIPS” aims to bring researchers together from the medical imaging and machine learning communities to create a cutting-edge venue for discussing the major challenges in the field and opportunities for research and novel applications. The proposed event will be the continuation of a successful workshop organized in NeurIPS 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. It will feature a series of invited speakers from academia, medical sciences and industry to present latest works in progress and give an overview of recent technological advances and remaining major challenges. The workshop website is https://sites.google.com/view/med-neurips-2021.

Opening Remarks (Talk)
Session 1 Keynote 1 (Keynote)
Q&A with Bram Ginneken (Keynote Q&A)
Session 1 Keynote 2 (Keynote)
Q&A with Mohammad Yaqub (Keynote Q&A)
Session 1 Oral 1 (Oral Presentation)
Q&A with Francisca Vasconcelos (Oral Q&A)
Session 1 Oral 2 (Oral Presentation)
Q&A with Cesare Magnetti (Oral Q&A)
Poster Session 1 & Coffee Break (Poster Session & Coffee Break)
Session 2 Keynote 1 (Keynote)
Q&A with Regina Barzilay (Keynote Q&A)
Session 2 Keynote 2 (Keynote)
Q&A with Melissa McCradden (Keynote Q&A)
Session 2 Oral 1 (Oral Presentation)
Q&A with Zhenzhen Wang (Oral Q&A)
Session 2 Oral 2 (Oral Presentation)
Q&A with Benoit Dufumier (Oral Q&A)
Poster Session 2 & Coffee Break (Poster Session & Coffee Break)
Session 3 Keynote 1 (Keynote)
Q&A with Quanzheng Li (Keynote Q&A)
Session 3 Keynote 2 (Keynote)
Q&A with Archana Venkataraman (Keynote Q&A)
Session 3 Oral 1 (Oral Presentation)
Q&A with Onat Dalmaz (Oral Q&A)
Session 3 Oral 2 (Oral Presentation)
Q&A with Ahmad Chamma (Oral Q&A)
RealNoiseMRI Challenge (Challenge)
Streaming Convolutional Attention Models (Poster)
Uncertainty Quantification in End-to-End Implicit Neural Representations for Medical Imaging (Poster)
Improving the Segmentation of Pediatric Low-Grade Gliomas through Multitask Learning (Poster)
Weakly Supervised Multimodal 30-day all-cause Mortality Prediction for Pulmonary Embolism Patients (Poster)
Deep Learning-based Opportunistic Osteoporosis Screening using Plain Film Radiography (Poster)
Attention Shift: Interpretability Study of Texture-based Data Augmentation in Training U-Net Models for Brain Image Segmentation (Poster)
Ensemble Learning for Robust Subtype Classification of COVID-19 and Semi-supervised Opacity Detection (Poster)
An Optimal Architecture for Semantic Segmentation in Multi-Gigapixel Images of Oral Dysplasia (Poster)
Self-Supervised Learning from Unlabeled Fundus Photographs Improves Segmentation of the Retina (Poster)
Conditional Alignment and Uniformity for Contrastive Learning with Continuous Proxy Labels (Poster)
Targeted Active Learning using Submodular Mutual Information for Imbalanced Medical Image Classification (Poster)
Self-Supervised Contrastive Learning for Electrocardiograms to Detect Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (Poster)
Label Cleaning Multiple Instance Learning: Refining Coarse Annotations on Single Whole-Slide Images (Poster)
Automatic Distinction Between Normal and Abnormal Lung Tissue on Ultrasound Examination (Poster)
Towards dynamic ground glass opacity and consolidation voxel classification in COVID-19 CT using Gaussian Mixture Model (Poster)
ECG for high-throughput screening of multiple diseases: Proof-of-concept using multi-diagnosis deep learning from population-based datasets (Poster)
Fusing simultaneously acquired EEG and fMRI via hierarchical deep transcoding (Poster)
PISTACHIO: Patch Importance Sampling To Accelerate CNNs via a Hash Index Optimizer (Poster)
Deep Active Learning for Robust Biomedical Segmentation (Poster)
Electromagnetic neural source imaging under sparsity constraints with SURE-based hyperparameter tuning (Poster)
Pseudo-domains in imaging data improve prediction of future disease status in multi-center studies (Poster)
Complexity in Facial dynamics using Computer Vision as Behavioral Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (Poster)
Improving the Fairness of Deep Chest X-ray Classifiers (Poster)
Explainable medical image analysis by leveraging human-interpretable features through mutual information minimization (Poster)
Diagnosis of Dyslexia by Mobile Gaze Tracking (Poster)
3-D PET Image Generation with Tumour Masks using TGAN (Poster)
Evaluating saliency methods on artificial data with different background types (Poster)
Explainability of Self-Supervised RepresentationLearning for Medical Ultrasound Video (Poster)
Predicting future myocardial infarction from angiographies with deep learning (Poster)
Diversified Multi-prototype Representation for Semi-supervised Segmentation (Poster)
Cross Modality 3D Navigation Using Reinforcement Learning and Neural Style Transfer (Poster)
Variable Importance on Medical Images and Socio-Demographic Data (Poster)
Multi-Domain Balanced Sampling Improves Out-of-Distribution Generalization of Chest X-ray Pathology Prediction Models (Poster)
Ranking Loss based Weakly Supervised Model for Prediction of HPV Infection Status from Multi-Gigapixel Histology Images (Poster)
Learning from Radiomics on Chest X-rays: Challenge and Application (Poster)
Multi-Domain Balanced Sampling Improves Out-of-Distribution Generalization of Chest X-ray Pathology Prediction Models (Poster)
Synthesis of Colon Cancer Tissue Images from Glandular Structure Layout (Poster)
Anatomical and Diagnostic Bayesian Segmentation in Prostate MRI —Should Different Clinical Objectives Mandate Different Loss Functions? (Poster)
Medical Image Synthesis with Residual Vision Transformers (Poster)
Multi-Resolution Diffeomorphic Image Registration Using Efficient Flow Field Estimation (Poster)
Uncertainty Quantification in Meningioma Segmentation using Bayesian Deep Learning (Poster)
Aiding Medical Diagnosis Through the Application of Graph Neural Networks to Functional MRI Scans (Poster)
Computer Vision Analysis of Caregiver-Child Interactions in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Poster)
Ensembles of temporal models and forward-backward smoothing for surgical phase recognition (Poster)
Predicting future myocardial infarction from angiographies with deep learning (Poster)
Learning to Accelerate MR Screenings (Poster)
Deep AUC Maximization for Medical Image Classification: Challenges and Opportunities (Poster)
Effect of pre-training scale on intra- and inter-domain transfer for natural and X-Ray chest images (Poster)
Gradient Clustering for Subtyping of Prediction Failures (Poster)
Localized Perturbations For Weakly-Supervised Segmentation of Glioma Brain Tumours (Poster)
Towards dynamic multi-modal phenotyping using chest radiographs and physiological data (Poster)
Using Temporal Similarity in Contrastive Learning for Multi-class Kidney Ultrasound Segmentation (Poster)
Classification of histopathology images using ConvNets to detect Lupus Nephritis (Poster)
Unsupervised Approaches for Out-Of-Distribution Dermoscopic Lesion Detection (Poster)
ChestFed: Model-Contrastive Federated Learning for Cardiopulmonary Disease Classification in Chest X-rays using Multiple Datasets (Poster)
Severity Assessment of COVID-19 Pneumonia from Chest X-rays using Interpretable Machine Learning and a Multi-reader Dataset (Poster)
3D Spinal Column Segmentation with Single Plane 2D-Projected Annotations (Poster)
MELoDee – Multi-Exponential model Learning based on Deep Neural Networks for Quantitative MRI Bio-Markers Estimation (Poster)