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Fri Dec 13 08:00 AM -- 06:00 PM (PST) @ East Ballroom B
Learning Meaningful Representations of Life
Elizabeth Wood · Yakir Reshef · Jonathan Bloom · Jasper Snoek · Barbara Engelhardt · Scott Linderman · Suchi Saria · Alexander Wiltschko · Casey Greene · Chang Liu · Kresten Lindorff-Larsen · Debora Marks

The last decade has seen both machine learning and biology transformed: the former by the ability to train complex predictors on massive labelled data sets; the latter by the ability to perturb and measure biological systems with staggering throughput, breadth, and resolution. However, fundamentally new ideas in machine learning are needed to translate biomedical data at scale into a mechanistic understanding of biology and disease at a level of abstraction beyond single genes. This challenge has the potential to drive the next decade of creativity in machine learning as the field grapples with how to move beyond prediction to a regime that broadly catalyzes and accelerates scientific discovery.

To seize this opportunity, we will bring together current and future leaders within each field to introduce the next generation of machine learning specialists to the next generation of biological problems. Our full-day workshop will start a deeper dialogue with the goal of Learning Meaningful Representations of Life (LMRL), emphasizing interpretable representation learning of structure and principles. The workshop will address this challenge at five layers of biological abstraction (genome, molecule, cell, system, phenome) through interactive breakout sessions led by a diverse team of experimentalists and computational scientists to facilitate substantive discussion.

We are calling for short abstracts from computer scientists and biological scientists. Submission deadline is Friday, September 20. Significant travel support is also available. Details here:


Opening Remarks (Welcome Address)
Opening Remarks (Remarks)
Keynote - Bio/ML (Keynote)
Keynote - ML (Keynote)
In conversations: Daphne Koller and Barbara Englehardt (Keynote)
Coffee Break (Break)
Molecules and Genomes (Panel)
Synthetic Systems (Panel)
Poster Session I (Lunch Provided) (Poster)
Phenotype (Panel)
Coffee Break (Break)
Cell (Panel)
Closing Remarks (Closing)
Last Look at Posters (Drinks Provided) (Poster)