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Fri Dec 13 08:00 AM -- 06:00 PM (PST) @ West 208 + 209
Learning with Rich Experience: Integration of Learning Paradigms
Zhiting Hu · Andrew Wilson · Chelsea Finn · Lisa Lee · Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick · Ruslan Salakhutdinov · Eric Xing

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Machine learning is about computational methods that enable machines to learn concepts and improve performance from experience. Here, experience can take diverse forms, including data examples, abstract knowledge, interactions and feedback from the environment, other models, and so forth. Depending on different assumptions on the types and amount of experience available there are different learning paradigms, such as supervised learning, active learning, reinforcement learning, knowledge distillation, adversarial learning, and combinations thereof. On the other hand, a hallmark of human intelligence is the ability to learn from all sources of information. In this workshop, we aim to explore various aspects of learning paradigms, particularly theoretical properties and formal connections between them, and new algorithms combining multiple modes of supervisions, etc.

Opening Remarks
Lightning Talks - I (Lightning Talks)
Raia Hadsell (Invited Talk)
Raia Hadsell
Coffee Break
Tom Mitchell (Invited Talk)
Tom M Mitchell
Jeffrey Bilmes (Invited Talk)
Jeff A Bilmes
Lightning Talks - II (Lightning Talks)
Poster Session
Rishav Chourasia, Yichong Xu, Corinna Cortes, Chien-Yi Chang, Yoshihiro Nagano, Tiffany Min, Benedikt Boecking, Vu Tran, Seyed Kamyar Seyed Ghasemipour, Qianggang Ding, Shouvik Mani, Vikram Voleti, Rasool Fakoor, Miao Xu, Kenneth Marino, Lisa Lee, Volker Tresp, Jean-Francois Kagy, Marvin Zhang, Barnabas Poczos, Dinesh Khandelwal, Adrien Bardes, Evan Shelhamer, Jiacheng Zhu, Ziming Li, Xiaoyan Li, Dmitrii Krasheninnikov, Ruohan Wang, Mayoore Jaiswal, Emad Barsoum, Suvansh Sanjeev, A Wattanavekin, Qizhe Xie, Sifan Wu, Yuki Yoshida, David Kanaa, Sina Khoshfetrat Pakazad, Mehdi Maasoumy
Contributed Oral (Lightning Talks)
Pieter Abbeel (Invited Talk)
Pieter Abbeel
Yejin Choi (Invited Talk)
Yejin Choi
Coffee Break
Tom Griffiths (Invited Talk)
Tom Griffiths
Contributed Oral
Panel Discussion
Closing Remarks