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Wed Dec 5th 05:00 -- 07:00 PM @ Room 210 #18
Sparse Covariance Modeling in High Dimensions with Gaussian Processes
Rui Li · Kishan KC · Feng Cui · Justin Domke · Anne Haake

This paper studies statistical relationships among components of high-dimensional observations varying across non-random covariates. We propose to model the observation elements' changing covariances as sparse multivariate stochastic processes. In particular, our novel covariance modeling method reduces dimensionality by relating the observation vectors to a lower dimensional subspace. To characterize the changing correlations, we jointly model the latent factors and the factor loadings as collections of basis functions that vary with the covariates as Gaussian processes. Automatic relevance determination (ARD) encodes basis sparsity through their coefficients to account for the inherent redundancy. Experiments conducted across domains show superior performances to the state-of-the-art methods.