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Awards NeurIPS 2018

Best Papers

Non-delusional Q-learning and Value-iteration
By:  Tyler Lu · Dale Schuurmans · Craig Boutilier

Optimal Algorithms for Non-Smooth Distributed Optimization in Networks
By:  Kevin Scaman · Francis Bach · Sebastien Bubeck · Laurent Massoulié · Yin Tat Lee

Nearly Tight Sample Complexity Bounds for Learning Mixtures of Gaussians via Sample Compression Schemes
By:  Hassan Ashtiani · Shai Ben-David · Nick Harvey · Christopher Liaw · Abbas Mehrabian · Yaniv Plan

Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
By:  Tian Qi Chen · Yulia Rubanova · Jesse Bettencourt · David Duvenaud

Best Demonstration

Autonomous Robot Feeding for Upper-extremity Mobility Impaired people: Integrating Sensing, Perception, Learning, Motion Planning and Robot Control
By: Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee · Daniel Gallenberger · David Dubois · Siddhartha Srinivasa · Louis l'écuyer-lapierre · Ethan Gordon

Runner Up Demonstration

Deep Neural Networks Running Onboard Anki’s Robot, Vector
By: Lorenzo Riano · Andrew Stein · Mark Palatucci

2nd Runner Up Demonstration

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Online Order Dispatching and Driver Repositioning in Ride-sharing
By: Zhiwei Qin · Xiaocheng Tang · Yan Jiao · Chenxi Wang