NIPS 2016 Visa Information

Getting a Visa for Spain

For official information on Spanish Visas, please see this link: 

Visa requirements

It is recommended to apply as early as possible for a Visa as the application process can be time consuming. Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin.

At the time of publication, EU citizens as well as visitors from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA do not need a Visa to enter Spain.

Regulations, however, are subject to change. It is therefore recommended to check whether you require a Visa.

Please refer to the Spanish Government Foreign Affair website, the list of consulates, or the VisaHQ website for more information.

Please note that NIPS is not responsible for the information provided on external websites.

The ILC official registration agency may help registered participants with an official invitation letter.

Other information for the Letter.

Meeting Host: Mary-Ellen Perry
Meeting Host Address in Barcelona: Hilton Diagonal
Meeting host phone number: 858-4543-4100 x 1219

NIPS Contact Information is here

Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is provided for you on the registration page after you have paid for registration. No custom letters are provided.