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NIPS Style Files


NOTE: The LaTeX style for NIPS 2016 has nontrivial changes from previous years.  Please update!

Please read the general instructions for authors before writing your paper.

Note that we only accept electronic submissions. Make sure that your paper prints well and consult Section 6 in the example file regarding fonts. Papers may be only up to 8 pages long, including figures. An additional ninth page containing only cited references and acknowledgments is allowed. Papers that exceed 9 pages will be rejected without review. Note also that NIPS reviewing is double blind. Make sure the submission does not include author names or affiliations, and refers to your own work in the third person.

Please note that display math in bare TeX $$ ... $$ commands will not create correct line numbers at submission time. Please use LaTeX  \[ ... \] commands for unnumbered display math (or, equivalently with AMSTeX,  \begin{equation*} ... \end{equation*}). (You shouldn't be using $$ ... $$ anyway, see here and here.)

You should use the files listed below for your anonymous submission:

Microsoft Word, RTF, and LaTeX 2.09 are no longer supported.

Camera-Ready Submission


Please use the nips_2016.tex latex template (which uses nips_2016.sty) and compile with the [final] option:

\usepackage[final]{nips_2016} % produce camera-ready copy

Note that the \nipsfinalcopy command is now obsolete.