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Outstanding Student Paper Awards:

Ce Liu, William Freeman, and Edward Adelson
Analysis of Contour Motions

Fei Sha and Lawrence Saul
Large Margin Hidden Markov Models for Automatic Speech Recognition
Analysis of Empirical Bayesian Methods for Neuroelectromagnetic/
Source Localization

David Wipf, Rey Ramirez, Jason Palmer, Scott Mekeig, and Bhaskar Rao
Analysis of Empirical Bayesian Methods for Neuroelectromagnetic Source Localization

Honorable Mentions 2006:

Charles Kemp, Patrick Shafto, Allison Berke, and Joshua Tenenbaum
Combining Causal and Similarity-Based Reasoning

Jeremy Lewi, Robert Butera, and Liam Paninski
Real-time Adaptive Information-Theoretic Optimization of
Neurobiological Experiments

Jennifer Listgarten, Radford Neal, Sam Roweis, Rachel Puckrin, and Sean Cutler
Bayesian Detection of Infrequent Differences in Sets of Time Series with Shared Structure

Michael Rabbat, Mario A.T. Figueiredo, and Robert Nowak
Inferring Network Structure from Co-Occurrences