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What can we do about NeurIPS Reviewer #2?Challenges, Solutions, Experiments and Open Problemsin Peer Review

Nihar Shah · Hugo Larochelle · Andrew McCallum · Alice Oh · - Mausam · Charvi Rastogi

Hall E (level 1)
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Mon 11 Dec 11:45 a.m. PST — 2:15 p.m. PST


Peer review is fundamental to scientific research, impacting scientific progress, grant funding allocation, researcher well-being, career paths, and the public's view of science. This tutorial provides a scientific lens on the systemic issues in peer review. It aims to stimulate discussions and inform policy-making based on scientific evidence (rather than individual opinions or anecdotes), addressing a topic that directly affects us all. To this end, the tutorial will delve into various inherent challenges, drawing on experiments on the peer-review process in diverse scientific disciplines. It will also discuss viable solutions and important open problems. The tutorial material will be available at Finally, the presenter is excited about two things—peer review and minions—and both of these will be reflected generously in the tutorial.

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