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Randomized and Deterministic Maximin-share Approximations for Fractionally Subadditive Valuations

Hannaneh Akrami · Kurt Mehlhorn · Masoud Seddighin · Golnoosh Shahkarami

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #2019

Abstract: We consider the problem of guaranteeing maximin-share ($\MMS$) when allocating a set of indivisible items to a set of agents with fractionally subadditive ($\XOS$) valuations. For $\XOS$ valuations, it has been previously shown that for some instances no allocation can guarantee a fraction better than $1/2$ of maximin-share to all the agents. Also, a deterministic allocation exists that guarantees $0.219225$ of the maximin-share of each agent. Our results involve both deterministic and randomized allocations. On the deterministic side, we improve the best approximation guarantee for fractionally subadditive valuations to $3/13 = 0.230769$. We develop new ideas on allocating large items in our allocation algorithm which might be of independent interest. Furthermore, we investigate randomized algorithms and the Best-of-both-worlds fairness guarantees. We propose a randomized allocation that is $1/4$-$\MMS$ ex-ante and $1/8$-$\MMS$ ex-post for $\XOS$ valuations. Moreover, we prove an upper bound of $3/4$ on the ex-ante guarantee for this class of valuations.

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