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DAMEX: Dataset-aware Mixture-of-Experts for visual understanding of mixture-of-datasets

Yash Jain · Harkirat Behl · Zsolt Kira · Vibhav Vineet

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #1004


Construction of a universal detector poses a crucial question: How can we most effectively train a model on a large mixture of datasets? The answer lies in learning dataset-specific features and ensembling their knowledge but do all this in a single model. Previous methods achieve this by having separate detection heads on a common backbone but that results in a significant increase in parameters. In this work, we present Mixture-of-Experts as a solution, highlighting that MoE are much more than a scalability tool. We propose Dataset-Aware Mixture-of-Experts, DAMEX where we train the experts to become an `expert' of a dataset by learning to route each dataset tokens to its mapped expert. Experiments on Universal Object-Detection Benchmark show that we outperform the existing state-of-the-art by average +10.2 AP score and improve over our non-MoE baseline by average +2.0 AP score. We also observe consistent gains while mixing datasets with (1) limited availability, (2) disparate domains and (3) divergent label sets. Further, we qualitatively show that DAMEX is robust against expert representation collapse. Code is available at

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