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Rethinking Conditional Diffusion Sampling with Progressive Guidance

Anh-Dung Dinh · Daochang Liu · Chang Xu

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #601


This paper tackles two critical challenges encountered in classifier guidance for diffusion generative models, i.e., the lack of diversity and the presence of adversarial effects. These issues often result in a scarcity of diverse samples or the generation of non-robust features. The underlying cause lies in the mechanism of classifier guidance, where discriminative gradients push samples to be recognized as conditions aggressively. This inadvertently suppresses information with common features among relevant classes, resulting in a limited pool of features with less diversity or the absence of robust features for image construction.We propose a generalized classifier guidance method called Progressive Guidance, which mitigates the problems by allowing relevant classes' gradients to contribute to shared information construction when the image is noisy in early sampling steps. In the later sampling stage, we progressively enhance gradients to refine the details in the image toward the primary condition. This helps to attain a high level of diversity and robustness compared to the vanilla classifier guidance. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed method further improves the image quality while offering a significant level of diversity as well as robust features.

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