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Ess-InfoGAIL: Semi-supervised Imitation Learning from Imbalanced Demonstrations

Huiqiao Fu · Kaiqiang Tang · Yuanyang Lu · Yuanyang Lu · Yiming Qi · Guizhou Deng · Flood Sung · Chunlin Chen

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #1505
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Thu 14 Dec 8:45 a.m. PST — 10:45 a.m. PST


Imitation learning aims to reproduce expert behaviors without relying on an explicit reward signal. However, real-world demonstrations often present challenges, such as multi-modal, data imbalance, and expensive labeling processes. In this work, we propose a novel semi-supervised imitation learning architecture that learns disentangled behavior representations from imbalanced demonstrations using limited labeled data. Specifically, our method consists of three key components. First, we adapt the concept of semi-supervised generative adversarial networks to the imitation learning context. Second, we employ a learnable latent distribution to align the generated and expert data distributions. Finally, we utilize a regularized information maximization approach in conjunction with an approximate label prior to further improve the semi-supervised learning performance. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of our method in learning multi-modal behaviors from imbalanced demonstrations compared to baseline methods.

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