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Mesogeos: A multi-purpose dataset for data-driven wildfire modeling in the Mediterranean

Spyridon Kondylatos · Ioannis Prapas · Gustau Camps-Valls · Ioannis Papoutsis

La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom A-C (level 2)
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Wed 13 Dec 1:30 p.m. — 1:45 p.m. PST


We introduce Mesogeos, a large-scale multi-purpose dataset for wildfire modeling in the Mediterranean. Mesogeos integrates variables representing wildfire drivers (meteorology, vegetation, human activity) and historical records of wildfire ignitions and burned areas for 17 years (2006-2022). It is designed as a cloud-friendly spatio-temporal dataset, namely a datacube, harmonizing all variables in a grid of 1km x 1km x 1-day resolution. The datacube structure offers opportunities to assess machine learning (ML) usage in various wildfire modeling tasks. We extract two ML-ready datasets that establish distinct tracks to demonstrate this potential: (1) short-term wildfire danger forecasting and (2) final burned area estimation given the point of ignition. We define appropriate metrics and baselines to evaluate the performance of models in each track. By publishing the datacube, along with the code to create the ML datasets and models, we encourage the community to foster the implementation of additional tracks for mitigating the increasing threat of wildfires in the Mediterranean.

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