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The HomeRobot Open Vocabulary Mobile Manipulation Challenge

Sriram Yenamandra · Arun Ramachandran · Mukul Khanna · Karmesh Yadav · Devendra Singh Chaplot · Gunjan Chhablani · Alexander Clegg · Theophile Gervet · Vidhi Jain · Ruslan Partsey · Ram Ramrakhya · Andrew Szot · Austin Wang · Tsung-Yen Yang · Aaron Edsinger · Charles Kemp · Binit Shah · Zsolt Kira · Dhruv Batra · Roozbeh Mottaghi · Yonatan Bisk · Chris Paxton

Room 354


Deploying robots in real human environments requires a full hardware and software stack, that includes everything from perception to manipulation, in simulation and on accessible physical hardware. The lack of a single unified resource providing these capabilities means that the academic literature often focuses on creating agents in simulation or on one-off hardware, preventing comprehensive benchmarking and reproducibility. We present the first Open-Vocabulary Mobile Manipulation challenge with diverse assets and environments in simulation and a different, held-out set of physical objects in a novel real-world environment. We provide an entire robotics software stack that is modular, fully open-source, and centered on a popular low-cost hardware platform for easy replication and extension by the research community. Machine learning has benefited greatly from the standardization of high-quality engineering; our work aims to lower the cost of entry to robotics.We have assembled a team that spans Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Meta and Hello Robot to enable physical robot evaluations at NeurIPS. A simulator is ready for deployment and physical kitchens have been constructed for use as a real-world test set. We present development environments here and a peek at the construction of our full held-out test apartment being constructed in Fremont, California. Crucially, we are releasing a full software control stack for the Hello Robot Stretch, and have university partners to beta-test.

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