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Workshop: Generalization in Planning (GenPlan '23)

Learning Safe Action Models with Partial Observability

Brendan Juba · Hai Le · Ron T Stern

Keywords: [ Planning ] [ safe action model learning ] [ Partial Observability ]


A common approach for solving planning problems is to model them in a formal language such as the Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL), and then use an appropriate PDDL planner. Several algorithms for learning PDDL models from observations have been proposed but plans created with these learned models may not be sound. We propose two algorithms for learning PDDL models that are guaranteed to be safe to use even when given observations that include partially observable states. We analyze these algorithms theoretically, characterizing the sample complexity each algorithm requires to guarantee probabilistic completeness. We also show experimentally that our algorithms are often better than FAMA, a state-of-the-art PDDL learning algorithm.

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