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Workshop: Workshop on robustness of zero/few-shot learning in foundation models (R0-FoMo)

OverPrompt: Enhancing ChatGPT through Efficient In-Context Learning

Jiazheng Li · Runcong Zhao · Yongxin Yang · Yulan He · Lin Gui


The remarkable performance of pre-trained large language models has revolutionised various natural language processing applications. Due to huge parametersizes and extensive running costs, companies or organisations tend to transfer the models to the target task by zero-shot prompting techniques. However, the prohibitive costs of tokens and time have hindered their adoption in applications. We propose OverPrompt, leveraging the in-context learning capability of LLMs to handle multiple task inputs, thereby reducing token and time costs. This approach could potentially improve task performance during API queries due to better conditional distribution mapping. Evaluated across diverse classification datasets, our experiments show that OverPrompt can achieve cost-efficient zero-shot classification without causing significant detriment to task performance, and in some cases, even improving it. An ablation study conducted on various LLMs, along with an investigation into the robustness of our prompting strategy to different input ordering, offers valuable insights into the broader applicability of our method across diverse tasks. These findings also suggest a more seamless integration of our method with LLMs through an API.

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