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Workshop: NeurIPS 2023 Workshop: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences

Fast Particle-based Anomaly Detection Algorithm with Variational Autoencoder

Ryan Liu · Abhijith Gandrakota · Jennifer Ngadiuba · jean-roch vlimant · Maria Spiropulu


Model-agnostic anomaly detection is one of the promising approaches in the search for new beyond the standard model physics. In this paper, we present Set-VAE, a particle-based variational autoencoder (VAE) anomaly detection algorithm. We demonstrate a 2x signal efficiency gain compared with traditional subjettiness-based jet selection. Furthermore, with an eye to the future deployment to trigger systems, we propose the CLIP-VAE, which reduces the inference-time cost of anomaly detection by using the KL-divergence loss as the anomaly score, resulting in a 2x acceleration in latency and reducing the caching requirement.

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