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Workshop: OPT 2023: Optimization for Machine Learning

Det-CGD: Compressed Gradient Descent with Matrix Stepsizes for Non-Convex Optimization

Hanmin Li · Avetik Karagulyan · Peter Richtarik


This paper introduces a new method for minimizing matrix-smooth non-convex objectives through the use of novel Compressed Gradient Descent (CGD) algorithms enhanced with a matrix-valued stepsize. The proposed algorithms are theoretically analyzed first in the single-node and subsequently in the distributed settings. Our theoretical results reveal that the matrix stepsize in CGD can capture the objective’s structure and lead to faster convergence compared to a scalar stepsize. As a byproduct of our general results, we emphasize the importance of selecting the compression mechanism and the matrix stepsize in a layer-wise manner, taking advantage of model structure. Moreover, we provide theoretical guarantees for free compression, by designing specific layer-wise compressors for the non-convex matrix smooth objectives. Our findings are supported with empirical evidence.

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