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Registration Lottery


Last year, tickets to the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) Annual Conference sold out in under 12 minutes. With sales opening in Pacific time, this short window of availability created challenges for participants from Eastern time zones, people with slow internet connections, and students who had to take the extra time to upload their student IDs. 

This year, NeurIPS registration will change from the prior first-come-first-served model to a randomized lottery. In addition, some tickets will be held back from this lottery to ensure authors of accepted papers and those creating content for and around the conference are able to attend and take part in the event that their thought leadership is helping to create. 

Those wishing to attend the conference from the public (those not contributing to the conference or any of its affiliated groups) will indicate their intention to register for the conference and desire to purchase a ticket  by signing up for the lottery. 

If you are randomly selected to register, you will be sent an invitation to register by email. Please take the steps necessary to avoid having email from or caught in your spam filter. Your access to register will only last 2 weeks and if you miss the registration window, your ticket will be immediately offered to someone else. 

You may want to take this opportunity to update your profile information for 2019.  You can now indiate what type of affiliation you have, e.g. Industrial Researcher or Junior Faculty.  Your profile now allows you to indicate your pronoun shown on your badge, and it lets you indicate your dietary preference.

Please keep these imporant rules in mind when joinging the lottery:

  • Your profile must contain your firstname, lastname and institution in order to be chosen for the lottery. If any of these fields are blank, we cannot print your badge and you will be disqualified from the lottery. 
  • Attempting to manipulate the lottery system in any way to unfairly increase your chances of winning is a violation of the code of conduct and may result in the cancellation of your registration or our refusal to allow you to check into the meeting. For example, adding yourself multiple times to the lottery is a violation of the code of conduct. 
  • You will be required to present an ID matching the name you used to register for the lottery in order to check in to the meeting and pick up your badge.

You will get an email letting you know if and when you win the lottery. But you may also check by visiting this page while logged in. 

You are not authenticated
You must have a NeurIPS account in order to add yourself to the registration lottery or to check the status of your lottery entry. If you have an account, please login . If you do not have an account, please create one and then return to this page. The Profile menu in the side has other links, include one to reset your password. If your profile is missing any of these required fields, first name, last name, or institution, please edit your profile .

Lottery Tickets Releases

  • 200 people were invited to register on Sep 20
  • 3300 people were invited to register on Sep 28
  • 2700 people were invited to register on Oct 25th
  • 500  people were invited to register on Oct 30th
  • 500 people were invited to register on Nov 3rd
  • 500 pepole were invited to register on Nov 7th
  • 1500 peple were invited to register on Nov 8th
  • 1000 people were invited to register on Nov 17th
  • 1000 people were invited to register on Nov 24

Remember to whitelist us and check your spam folder.

The Lottery is now Closed