Expo Demonstration
La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom A-C (level 2)

Information seeking and brainstorming are the crux of intellectual journey. We are excited to unveil our innovative platform, the EXAONE Universe by LG AI Research. Crafted to provide scientific insights on advanced topics for beginners, it further inspires creative ideation process of professionals with our distinctively mindful features. Through our demonstrations spanning a diverse array of questions, we not only underscore our profound philosophy to mitigate hallucinations and misinformation but also highlight the practical significance and relevance of the answers generated by our platform.

For information seeking with latest advancements and innovations, our platform begins by retrieve several pertinent documents. To pinpoint precisely informative evidence, our language model identifies evidential paragraphs. We then seamlessly combine the selected evidence to provide comprehensive answers. Our multi-granular selection process enables models to reduce hallucinations and afford users to inspect any inaccurate or potential oversights in the generated outcomes.

To promote structured brainstorming, our platform is capable of uncovering new topics as well as finding emerging sub-questions. Our vision is to maximize reasoning capacities, ensuring that even hypothetical queries receive logical answers. We further substantiate that these features are proven invaluable for drafting articles or manuscripts.

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