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Thu 9:00 SoundSpaces 2.0: A Simulation Platform for Visual-Acoustic Learning
Changan Chen · Carl Schissler · Sanchit Garg · Philip Kobernik · Alexander Clegg · Paul Calamia · Dhruv Batra · Philip Robinson · Kristen Grauman
Domain Invariant Q-Learning for model-free robust continuous control under visual distractions
Tom Dupuis · Jaonary Rabarisoa · Quoc Cuong PHAM · David Filliat
Thu 9:00 Energy-Based Contrastive Learning of Visual Representations
Beomsu Kim · Jong Chul Ye
On the Pitfalls of Visual Learning in Referential Games
Shresth Verma
Tue 9:00 ETAB: A Benchmark Suite for Visual Representation Learning in Echocardiography
Ahmed M. Alaa · Anthony Philippakis · David Sontag
Affinity Workshop
The Effects of Acoustic Features of Speech on the Performance of an Automatic Speaker Recognition
Tumisho Mokgonyane
Thu 9:00 On the Robustness of Deep Clustering Models: Adversarial Attacks and Defenses
Anshuman Chhabra · Ashwin Sekhari · Prasant Mohapatra
Neural networks learn an environment's geometry in latent space by performing predictive coding on visual scenes
James Gornet · Matt Thomson
Tue 14:00 AVLEN: Audio-Visual-Language Embodied Navigation in 3D Environments
Sudipta Paul · Amit Roy-Chowdhury · Anoop Cherian
Time-Efficient Reward Learning via Visually Assisted Cluster Ranking
David Zhang · Micah Carroll · Andreea Bobu · Anca Dragan
Wed 9:00 Few-Shot Audio-Visual Learning of Environment Acoustics
Sagnik Majumder · Changan Chen · Ziad Al-Halah · Kristen Grauman
Tue 14:00 Deep Hierarchical Planning from Pixels
Danijar Hafner · Kuang-Huei Lee · Ian Fischer · Pieter Abbeel