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ProxSkip for Stochastic Variational Inequalities: A Federated Learning Algorithm for Provable Communication Acceleration
Siqi Zhang · Nicolas Loizou
Perseus: A Simple and Optimal High-Order Method for Variational Inequalities
Tianyi Lin · Michael Jordan
Solving Constrained Variational Inequalities via a First-order Interior Point-based Method
Tong Yang · Michael Jordan · Tatjana Chavdarova
Tue 9:00 Last-Iterate Convergence of Optimistic Gradient Method for Monotone Variational Inequalities
Eduard Gorbunov · Adrien Taylor · Gauthier Gidel
Wed 14:00 Clipped Stochastic Methods for Variational Inequalities with Heavy-Tailed Noise
Eduard Gorbunov · Marina Danilova · David Dobre · Pavel Dvurechenskii · Alexander Gasnikov · Gauthier Gidel
Tue 9:00 Distributed Methods with Compressed Communication for Solving Variational Inequalities, with Theoretical Guarantees
Aleksandr Beznosikov · Peter Richtarik · Michael Diskin · Max Ryabinin · Alexander Gasnikov
Tue 9:00 Decentralized Local Stochastic Extra-Gradient for Variational Inequalities
Aleksandr Beznosikov · Pavel Dvurechenskii · Anastasiia Koloskova · Valentin Samokhin · Sebastian Stich · Alexander Gasnikov
Tue 14:00 Optimal Algorithms for Decentralized Stochastic Variational Inequalities
Dmitry Kovalev · Aleksandr Beznosikov · Abdurakhmon Sadiev · Michael Persiianov · Peter Richtarik · Alexander Gasnikov