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Thu 9:00 Benign Overfitting in Two-layer Convolutional Neural Networks
Yuan Cao · Zixiang Chen · Misha Belkin · Quanquan Gu
Tue 9:00 Gradient flow dynamics of shallow ReLU networks for square loss and orthogonal inputs
Etienne Boursier · Loucas PILLAUD-VIVIEN · Nicolas Flammarion
Wed 14:00 Phase diagram of Stochastic Gradient Descent in high-dimensional two-layer neural networks
Rodrigo Veiga · Ludovic Stephan · Bruno Loureiro · Florent Krzakala · Lenka Zdeborov√°
Wed 9:00 A Quantitative Geometric Approach to Neural-Network Smoothness
Zi Wang · Gautam Prakriya · Somesh Jha
Thu 9:00 Annihilation of Spurious Minima in Two-Layer ReLU Networks
Yossi Arjevani · Michael Field
Wed 9:00 Two-layer neural network on infinite dimensional data: global optimization guarantee in the mean-field regime
Naoki Nishikawa · Taiji Suzuki · Atsushi Nitanda · Denny Wu
Thu 9:00 High-dimensional Asymptotics of Feature Learning: How One Gradient Step Improves the Representation
Jimmy Ba · Murat Erdogdu · Taiji Suzuki · Zhichao Wang · Denny Wu · Greg Yang
Empirical Phase Diagram for Three-layer Neural Networks with Infinite Width
Hanxu Zhou · Zhou Qixuan · Zhenyuan Jin · Tao Luo · Yaoyu Zhang · Zhi-Qin Xu
High-dimensional limit theorems for SGD: Effective dynamics and critical scaling
Gerard Ben Arous · Reza Gheissari · Aukosh Jagannath
Wed 9:00 The Sample Complexity of One-Hidden-Layer Neural Networks
Gal Vardi · Ohad Shamir · Nati Srebro
Physically-primed deep-neural-networks for generalized undersampled MRI reconstruction
Nitzan Avidan · Moti Freiman
Thu 9:00 Emergence of Hierarchical Layers in a Single Sheet of Self-Organizing Spiking Neurons
Paul Bertens · Seong-Whan Lee