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Invited Talk
Tue 7:30 Algorithms On the Bench: Examining Validity of ML Systems in the Public Sphere
Rediet Abebe
From plane crashes to algorithmic harm: applicability of safety engineering frameworks for responsible ML
Shalaleh Rismani · Renee Shelby · Andrew Smart · Edgar Jatho · Joshua Kroll · AJung Moon · Negar Rostamzadeh
Wed 9:00 Picking on the Same Person: Does Algorithmic Monoculture lead to Outcome Homogenization?
Rishi Bommasani · Kathleen A. Creel · Ananya Kumar · Dan Jurafsky · Percy Liang
Sat 12:15 Steve Keckler - Invited Talk: Applying ML to Practical System Design
Stephen Keckler
Thu 9:00 UnfoldML: Cost-Aware and Uncertainty-Based Dynamic 2D Prediction for Multi-Stage Classification
Yanbo Xu · Alind Khare · Glenn Matlin · Monish Ramadoss · Rishikesan Kamaleswaran · Chao Zhang · Alexey Tumanov
System Safety Engineering for Social and Ethical ML Risks: A Case Study
Edgar Jatho · Logan Mailloux · Shalaleh Rismani · Eugene Williams · Joshua Kroll